Hasselt DC1, Veldstraat 101,
3500 Hasselt

   Hasselt DC2, Trichterheideweg 2 ,
3500 Hasselt


March 2021
Carrier Arcadiz now available @ Hasselt DC2

Bij Datacenter Hasselt staat veiligheid en bussinescontinuïteit steeds voorop.

Wij stellen u daarom graag onze connectiviteitspartner Arcadiz voor: 

Arcadiz levert schaalbare business kritische secure connectiviteit in, tussen en naar een 50-tal datacentra in de Benelux.

Deze connectiviteit tussen deze DCs wordt gebouwd op een eigen optisch multi-terabit DWDM netwerk zodat de SLA en dus de kwaliteit volledig in eigen handen gehouden wordt. 

Bovenop deze DWDM connectiviteit opereert Arcadiz een MPLS en IP-netwerk met peering in AMS-IX, BNIX en LUCIX en IP transit bij verschillende tier 1 operatoren. Deze connectiviteit wordt vervolledigd met DDoS service, Cloud connectiviteit, remote AMS-IX peering en Wholesale overeenkomsten met operatoren in de verschillende landen.  

Ook worden steeds gescheiden verbindingen tussen elke twee willekeurige locaties voorzien, zodat redundantie met hoge beschikbaarheid van 99,9995% gegarandeerd is. 

Arcadiz ontwerpt, bouwt, monitort en onderhoudt tevens de klok rond optische, switched en routed privénetwerken van haar klanten.  

Binnen Datacenter Hasselt kan Arcadiz elk type connectiviteitsdienst aanbieden. 


Meer info: www.arcadiz.com

February 2021
We are happy to announce that IPWorks is fully operational and ready to deliver all our services in both Hasselt DC1 and Hasselt DC2 

Besides the traditional IP Transit and IP Connectivity solutions, this also includes highspeed connections between both datacenters, where we invested in a bandwidth capacity of up to 360 Gbit/sec between both locations, ideal for all your backup and other high bandwidth intensive environments.

Due to the low latency on these links, it is the perfect solution for your synchronous replication needs, or as a high performing extension of your backup network. 

We will offer anything from VPS to single units, a half rack or all the way up to multiple racks, with your own servers and equipment, or fully managed solutions by us. 

In these challenging times where IT security is a very hot topic, we extend our service with enterprise class firewalling capabilities to protect your assets, worry-free because all the updates are managed for you! This service adds a protection layer to your infrastructure to keep you safe from many vulnerabilities out there on the internet. 

In case you have flexible Telephony needs in your (home) office, don’t hesitate to contact us about our full cloud-based Voice over IP solution. 

Please send your inquiries to [email protected] or have a look at https://www.ipworks.be 

January 2021
Carrier Proximus now available @ Hasselt DC1

Proximus is offering a wide-range of connectivity services towards Enterprises through its Enterprise Business unit and other licenced operators active in Belgium through its Carrier & Wholesale unit.


Proximus Enterprise Business Unit


From multi-gigabit naked capacity to full feature ISO27001 certified MPLS or Software Defined (SD-WAN) managed networks, Proximus Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) provides access anywhere and anytime to digital services and easy-to-use solutions for enterprises, thanks to its wide fiber presence and permanent investment in innovation.

Our team of experts (pre-sales, architects, project and service managers) will define together with you which solution best answers your needs, and ensure that you get access to a state-of-the-art network (including technology, security & Service Level Agreements) in the most simple and flexible way.


Contact :

·        If you already are a Proximus business customer, please contact your dedicated Account Manager

·        If you are not yet a Proximus business customer, please surf to http://www.proximus.be/contactpage


Proximus Carrier & Wholesale Solutions

Since 1998 Proximus Carrier & Wholesale has been offering a wide range of high-quality and innovative networks and telecommunications services towards Others Licenced Operators.

Depending on your needs, our team of experts (pre-sales, sales, product and service managers) will define together with you which solution (including technology, Service Level Agreements & Quality of Service) matters most to you. We will ensure that you get access to our state-of-the-art network in the most simple and flexible way.


Contact :

·        If you already are an operator customer of Proximus Carrier & Wholesale, please contact your dedicated Account Manager

·        If you are not yet an operator customer of Proximus Carrier & Wholesale, please contact us via [email protected]

December 2020
Ipworks soon available in both Hasselt Datacenters 

After many years of datacenter activity in Hasselt DC, IPWorks has now partnered with HasseltDC and will offer it's services in both Hasselt Datacenters. 

Besides our normal services of racks, unit housing, IP connectivity, managed servers, VPS and VoIP, we will be providing high speed connections between both datacenters to offer you scalable backup opportunities. 

Whether you are an IT professional or you just want to have worry-free and managed infrastructure, we can support you every step of the way. 

All preparation activities are ongoing, and we expect to be operational in January 2021! 

Stay tuned! 

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to make an inquiry. 


[email protected]

December 2020
Carrier Connect4Hasselt now available @ Hasselt DC1

Connect4Hasselt tilt connectiviteit voor Hasseltse bedrijven naar het allerhoogste niveau.

Glasvezels met gigabyte capaciteit zorgen voor razendsnelle verbindingen tussen een 50-tal Europese datacenters en HasseltDC.

Connect4Hasselt levert volgende diensten:

  • ontsluiting van klant-gebouw / campus ( layer1)
  • ethernet lijnen ( layer2)
  • zakelijk internet - public IP lijnen ( layer 3)
  • private IP
  • access naar cloud diensten
  • aanbod rackspace & colocation
  • historische telecom diensten

Wil je meer weten?


0487 30 36 24

[email protected]


September 2020
Launch of our brand new commercial brand and website 

With the opening of our second datacenter location we also launched our new brand.

DataZone BVBA will still be the legal entity but we will use the commercial names Hasselt DC and Datacenter Hasselt for our 2 datacenters.

The old website of datazone.be now points to hasseltdc.be where you can find all the information of both Datacenter Hasselt DC1 and DC2.




January 2020
Datazone bvba opens second datacenter in Limburg 

In 2011 DataZone opened their first datacenter in Hasselt located in the Trichterheideweg 2.

Now 9 years later DataZone opens a second location.

The building based in the Veldstraat 101 was initially owned by Orange (the former Mobistar).

With this expansion Datazone has now a total colocation capacity of 1150 square meters or 460 racks and becomes the biggest carrier neutral colocation provider in Limburg.  

Due to our state-of-the-art Power and Cooling infrastructure we can guarantee your business continuity. 

The first connectivity providers already installing their material and well be in operation in the coming weeks.

Interested in our colocation services? Please request your datacenter tour via the contact form.